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If I am living in Florida with my grandchildren traveling to, I think I'd relatively watch out on my lawn and see a tegu as an alternative to an alligator!!

I've experience with several animals not totally lizards but i been studying with regards to the tegu and i perfer it I understand Everybody claims i ought to begin with a gecko but im twenty a thing so I believe I am able to handle it since i study alot about animal care and analyze for it do u think a black and white tegu could well be good

To be a tropical species, tegus will require heat temperatures all through almost all of the 12 months Except if they are being brumated (cooled) for reproductive cycling.

good stuff!!! I far too Imagine you ought to write a e-book. I'd lobs to listen to your story. In the meantime, the data you offer about animals is excellent. You retain me company a great deal.

My son features a black and white tegu he acquired at a trade show over a year back that was Just about full grown. He keeps it in his place in a 6 by three foot cage. The smell is mind-boggling when I open the doorway. I'm consistently on him about cleaning the cage. It should be unhealthy to Are living with that scent in the place. For making matters even worse he tells me he has a hard time handling it mainly because it is so intense.

That is strictly for the protection with the animal(s), and you'll be notified by e-mail if this does take place.

They don't interact that A great deal with persons, so a great pet if you would like search although not mess around With all the pet A lot. The main complaint I've heard about chameleons is their small everyday living span.

I would not kiss my Tegu, Permit him up on the kitchen area counter, or share utensils with him. His bowls belong only to him.

They don't have a true hibernation, merely a duration of diminished exercise all through our Wintertime. It may differ between four and 7 months.

We've captive born and bred Argentine Black and white tegus for sale at unbeatably reduced prices. This species is recognized for turning into rather tame in captivity, and attaining a measurement of nearly 4 feet.

As a result of unforseen situation I am needing to downsize my reptile selection but this is not a straightforward conclusion to create.

I purchased a male and feminine, and the genders have been labeled on the containers. This was my 2nd purchase by Snakes at Sunset, and I would strongly propose Other people to take action for their herps! Many thanks!

Tegus seem to have a "Are living and Permit Dwell" attitude, Alphadogg, Therefore if my canine Never mess with them they by no means mess back again. There are a few looking canine all around listed here missing chunks out in their noses, nevertheless.

Argentine Tegu Shedding: These lizards will shed their pores and skin throughout their life. You can see that the colours within your Tegu will read more uninteresting Initially with the shedding procedure plus the pores and skin will begin to peel away in items.

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